Download File
Go into whatever file explore app you have (such as My Files or ES File Explorer)
Move the file into the BeWeather folder (cut and paste)
Once you have done that place a BeWeather widget on your home screen 
Go into the app settings and chose Iconset and pick the set of icons that you just downloaded. Done :)

For the DIY Locker themes you need to download DIY Locker - Tattoo Locker app

(free in playstore)

Here's a brief tutorial:

First you need to save the DIY Locker Images from the folder included in your download link

Open the DIY Locker app

Choose Wallpaper and select one of the included extra wallpapers

(make sure you have already saved them from the link)

Choose Style

Then Choose 10-Photos

Turn Show Unlock number off

Make sure you're using the circle shape 

and add each of the images.

Save and your done!

It's pretty simple and the app has lots of other options available as well like changing 

the silde to unlock text or even using personal photos.

It's really easy to figure out but if a good number of people still can't figure it out from the above instructions I will do a step by step tutorial with screenshots.

After you buy/download a theme from my blog you will see a screen like this you can choose to download it or click the box I have circled in the picture above. 
I would suggest that you choose Save to my Dropbox
You would then have the option to Register or Sign In....if you do not have a Dropbox account you need to register and create one. If you already have one choose Sign In

Once you have Downloaded your theme/app you now need to install it
Your theme/app is now installed as you should be able to see in your pull down notification screen (if you don't know how to access the notification screen please return your device to the store and get a flip phone) Click on it
Now you can choose to either Open your theme/app to use now or click Done to use it later. Either way if you followed the steps above correctly it is already saved to your phone
Swipe up on you home screen to easily access the Go Launcher Settings Menu
Here you see Add - which lets you add different things to your screen
Wallpaper - Allows you to change your wallpaper
Themes - Allows you to see and apply a theme installed on your devices
You get my drift......(I hope)
In this screen I have selected Themes - here you can see the themes I currently have installed on my phone. At the top you see Featured - Hot - Installed
The Installed sections is where your themes go when you download them either from a blog or from play store.
Choose a theme you would like to use and select apply.
To change the wallpapers you can Swipe up from your home screen to access the Menu Settings and select Wallpapers. Then you will see the screen above, select Go Wallpapers...
You will now see all ALL of the wallpapers that come included in each theme that you have downloaded on your phone. Choose one.
The above picture is what you see when you Swipe up on your home screen to access the Menu Settings and choose Preferences. Here you can check out all that Go Launcher app has to offer. Play around with it and set your phone up the way you want it! 


When downloading a theme that has extra wallpapers included in the download link instead of the theme itself  OR when downloading a Wallpaper Pack you will see a screen that looks like this:
First don't forget to save your link in case something happens and this screen gets away from you!!!!
Click on each image to open it then...
Long press on each image one by one and you will then have the option to save the image. The images will be saved to your gallery (remember they are already saved to your dropbox account because you saved the link, right?) You are saving to your gallery for faster and easier access. If you notice this is taking up too much space on your phone then delete them and use them as you need them (because they're saved to your dropbox anyway - I really can't stress this enough)

Below are some helpful tips: 
( I have highlighted some key words but please read it all)

How to buy from my blog - Read the post first. Know what you are buying.

To change wallpapers you need to go to the menu settings of go launcher you can do this simply by swiping up on your home screen then select Wallpaper, then choose GO Wallpaper here is where you will see all the wallpapers included in each of your downloaded Go Launcher Themes. Swipe the screen until you find the wallpaper you want to use and then select it.

To change an icon or an icon has not changed automatically: From your home screen long press the icon you would like to change and select replace, you can now choose from the list of icons included in the theme to replace the icon you want to change.

To place more icons on your screen instead of the automatic 4 you need to change your Grid Size. To change the grid size you need swipe up from your home screen to go into the menu settings, select Preferences, then Grid Size...I personally have mine set to "Tightest" which is 5x5.
To change the Icon size go to your menu settings using the method stated above then select Icons now choose Icon Size and choose one of the options listed.

Remember its your phone feel free to play around with it and learn how to use Go Launcher it is really very simple to use, just read and change what you would like to change. Remember what you did so that you can go back to it if needed.

One more thing, what you purchase from me is for your personal use only. There are no refunds due to the digital nature of the products on this blog once you purchase and receive your download link it is yours. All sales are final!

YOU NEED to install dropbox (or box). It is a free app in play store, you need it because when you purchase from blogs you will receive a download link. You need to save this link in case anything ever happens to your phone and you need to reinstall the app/theme you purchased. I will not continue to send links to people. It is YOUR responsibility to save your links. I will not be responsible for anyone rushing through the purchase and forgetting to save the link. You have the option to "save to dropbox" when you receive the link. USE IT. I will no longer be sending links that you have forgotten to save. Now if there is something wrong with a link then feel free to contact me and I will address and fix it, otherwise you need to save them yourself.

When buying please make sure that you are selecting return to merchant after the payment has been made so that you will then be automatically directed to your download link. 
If there is a problem with a link forward your paypal receipt to my email (msstephiebaby@gmail.com)and I will send the link to you as soon as possible.


 I found this widget locker theme on XDA called Invisible Tabs and I wanted to share it with you all I made 2 images to be used with the slider that matches perfectly to my HK Pastel Theme.

Here's how it looks after you set it up: 

First you'll want to download the invisible-tabs wl theme which I have here
Once you download it and move it to the proper folder you'll want to save these 2 images 
This is going to look like a lot of work but it's really not. I just wanted to make sure that I explained it thoroughly with step-by-step directions, this way I shouldn't get a bunch of questions on this. It's actually pretty simple :-)

Ok, now we're going to set it up:
1. Go into your Widget Locker App
2. Remove the current slider you're using 
3. Long press and select Custom Slider
4. Choose the Invisible-Tabs Theme you downloaded above
5. Slide the lock image all the way to the right
6. Select Icon then choose to Select a file directly without cropping
7. Choose Gallery and choose the kittylock image you save above
8. Now you'll want to Slide the sound image and slide it all the way to the left
9. Change action - Select application to launch and choose your camera app
10. Then go to icon and select a file directly without cropping, find the kitty cam image you saved above. Click Done and it's all set! Enjoy!!!!

SN: Top Hello Kitty Widget with the time and date is from Play Store called Cute Kitty Clock Widget

a free app in play store

Okay here is my brief tutorial on how to import UCCW skins...after you download/save the skin and move the uzip file to sdcard/uccwOutput. Once you do that find an open space on your home screen to add a new UCCW Widget. Choose the skin you would like to use!

Here's a tutorial on how to change text in UCCW Widgets:
Step 1: Open the Widget
Your screen should look like this. Click on Background
 You will come to a screen that looks like this. Find Static Text. In this example you will be changing Static Text 1 (but you can do this for any of them).
 Now you're ready to change the text. In the area that I have circled you will want to scroll the screen in this direction until you see...
 Text: This is where you want to change the text! :)
Now you'll want to delete the text you would like to change and add your own custom text!

Done!!! I hope that was explained well enough for those who didn't understand! :)

UPDATE: If you have updated to the new android 4.3 jellybean software you no longer need to reboot your phone to set the fonts. Follow the instructions and at the end your font will set automatically from your settings under 'font style'

So there's this app in playstore called ifont (in case you haven't heard of it before) here's a little run down of what you can do... I have posted the apk for all to download as the newest version in play store did not work well for me. 

ifonts let you use any TTF on your phone (even iphone fonts) without the need to be converted. Yay right?! I know, I'm excited too! Here's some fonts from my computer that I would like to share with you guys. But please read the instructions first as I will not be answering questions regarding this.

**PLEASE NOTE** I do NOT port nor convert fonts. DO NOT ASK. I will post fonts when I want to. No questions asked. DO NOT SUGGEST a font for me to post. You will be ignored. I am giving all of the instructions here so that you can also do this yourself! These fonts do not belong to me. Credit goes to whoever made them. They can all be found either on dafont.com or deviantart or somewhere on the net for free.

*If you have iphone fonts stored in your dropbox that you would like to use you will need to unzip the file to phone storage (I use AndroZip). Then go into the app and under Custom you will see click here (in red). Find the font you unzipped and make sure you're choosing the Georgia TTF  font. Set it and reboot. Voila!

Instructions to download from my blog:
Step 1 - Download
Step 2 - Select iFont 
Step 3 - Click on Set
You will be asked if you want to Set font as "font name" click OK
You willl be told to REBOOT your phone.
Once you do that the font will be applied

First you need to have the clear keyboard background.
You can use the one in Play Store called Painted Fish. This will allow you to use cute keyboard skins without the ugly lines showing throughout. I personally do not use Go Keyboard or Kii keyboard because they are not functional enough for me and functionality will always beat cute for me personally lol but lots of people use these themes and I will continue making cute skins for you to use with them. When you find the keyboard skin you would like to use open it up long press and save the image. It will be saved to your gallery.
Ok, now that you have Go Keyboard Installed you need to enable it.
Choose Step 1 - choose go Keyboard
Click ok
 Go back and you're taken back to this screen. You now need to switch to Go Keyboard
Select Go Keyboard and now that is all set

Now you're in the settings of the Go Keyboard app. Choose Theme settings
Choose the Painted Fish theme or another Clear Keyboard theme that you may have installed and Apply it. 
Go back to this screen to use a keyboard skin of your choice- you just need to click the little gallery icon at the top right and you will then see the options below

 Click albums to be taken to your gallery where you have saved your keyboard skin crop and set.

*Please note that I have noticed that the symbols do not always line up correctly. That has nothing to do with the skin that you have downloaded but if it bothers you too much then find another keyboard app. I personally like iKeyboard it is very similar to the iPhone keyboard but its does not have much theming options. It can be changed to white or black but its very functional and accurate and it even has swipe gestures for faster typing. Here is the link to the keyboard that I use: iKeyboard Download (you're welcome)

If there's anything else you can think of that you still aren't clear on. Use the Contact form to the right of my blog and when I get some time I will post more info on it. I hope this helps.


  1. Can you please do a tutorial for how to center icons as shown in example photo on how to set wallpaper please

    1. You need to go into Preferences and change the grid size.

  2. Hello -

    Can you do a step-by-step tutorial on how to add a photo to a UCCW frame. It would be greatly appreciated.