Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lucy BeWeather

Cute story: I made this weather set and kinda just sat there looking
at it trying to come up with a name anyhow my daughter came over and looked
at it and said "Mommy, that's cute. I think her name should be Lucy!" 
She was talking about the sun lol is Lucy BeWeather :)

In this download I have decided to include this Notification Weather app. So, when downloading you will find 2 more apk's. The first one is the Notification Weather app
the second is the NW (Notification Weather) Lucy theme.
Once downloaded simply go into the settings and first apply the theme and change
all your personal settings. It should then appear in your notification panel. If you have questions email me.

Here's a preview:



  1. This works for beweather also right?

    1. Yes hun...Lucy BeWeather and Lucy Notification Weather

  2. Duh right? Lol. Thanks. I'm a lil slow tonight ッ

  3. What is the name of that font? :)