Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pretty Girl Go Pack

I'm absolutely in love and I hope y'all are too!
This theme comes with lots of lovely goodies so PLEASE READ!
2 yes TWO Go Launcher Themes
- the walls are the same the icons are different
Pretty Girl and Pretty Girl v2 Go Launcher Themes
Matching Go SMS theme
Analog Clock (for UCCW)
DIY Locker Images - will post in depth tutorial if needed
10 wallpapers total (5 in theme and 5 extras in the link)
2 Keyboard Skins
Go Launcher Badge

For the DIY Locker theme you need to download DIY Locker - Tattoo Locker app
(free in playstore)
Here's a brief tutorial:
First you need to save the DIY Locker Images from the folder included in your download link
Open the DIY Locker app
Choose Wallpaper and select one of the included extra wallpapers
(make sure you have already saved them from the link)
Choose Style
Then Choose 10-Photos
Turn Show Unlock number off
Make sure you're using the circle shape 
and add each of the images as shown in the above picture.
Save and your done!
It's pretty simple and the app has lots of other options available as well like changing 
the silde to unlock text or even using personal photos.
It's really easy to figure out but if a good number of people still can't figure it out from the above instructions I will do a step by step tutorial with screenshots.

Please remember to save your dropbox link!!!! And remember to click Return to Merchant or Return to MsStephiebaby's Themes N Thangs to be automatically taken to the download link! Thank you! Enjoy! XOXO

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