Sunday, July 14, 2013

Regarding my blog

Having people kik me for invites to my blog and entering email addresses to send out the invites is already a pain in my ass. Now I see why others never kept this up for Therefore, I have decided to go ahead and open the blog up to everyone. I really appreciate you all for being so supportive. I enjoy doing this and I can't let a few idiots take the joy out it for me. So the blog is back open. I know you ladies have my back and will continue in helping to get rid of the assholes that try and ruin it for everyone else and for that I thank you!



  1. Ur welcome and we do have ur back girl

  2. ur Welcome and we do have to me invites soy de venezuela .adoro tus temad android

  3. Steph! I appreciate all that you do! And I thank you for your generosity. Thank you for letting us use your pretty stuff! I have seen some comments by ppl and even I get annoyed by the dumbass obvious questions. I hope you stay around !

  4. Thanks so much for sharing with us ! Try not to let a few ppl bring you down and stop you from doing what you love to do :)

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