Tuesday, July 16, 2013

HK Widget Locker Slider

 I found this widget locker theme on XDA called Invisible Tabs and I wanted to share it with you all
I made 2 images to be used with the slider that matches perfectly to my HK Pastel Theme.

Here's how it looks after you set it up: 

First you'll want to download the invisible-tabs wl theme which I have here
Once you download it and move it to the proper folder you'll want to save these 2 images 
This is going to look like a lot of work but it's really not. I just wanted to make sure that I explained it thoroughly with step-by-step directions, this way I shouldn't get a bunch of questions on this. It's actually pretty simple :-)

Ok, now we're going to set it up:
1. Go into your Widget Locker App
2. Remove the current slider you're using 
3. Long press and select Custom Slider
4. Choose the Invisible-Tabs Theme you downloaded above
5. Slide the lock image all the way to the right
6. Select Icon then choose to Select a file directly without cropping
7. Choose Gallery and choose the kittylock image you save above
8. Now you'll want to Slide the sound image and slide it all the way to the left
9. Change action - Select application to launch and choose your camera app
10. Then go to icon and select a file directly without cropping, find the kitty cam image you saved above. Click Done and it's all set! Enjoy!!!!

SN: Top Hello Kitty Widget with the time and date is from Play Store called Cute Kitty Clock Widget


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