Friday, April 18, 2014

Vibrant Thang is Back! In UCCW form....

Vibrant Thang UCCW w/weather included
Must have UCCW Custom Clock Widget app from Play Store to use!

Sweet LV Kitty Go Launcher

Must have Go Launcher Ex (from Play Store) to use.
This theme is sooooo cute!!!!
 It includes 8 cute, bright and colorful wallpapers!
(4 with HK & 4 without)
80+ icons & icon masks!
Folders, Menu's, Buttons all themed and much more!!

Freebie Lock screen wall below
(just click to open and save)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bunny Cuteness Go Launcher

2 Versions of this theme available...

Theme includes 9 beautiful Wallpapers
Lots of icons to choose from + icon masks
Folders themed, Menu's themed and much more! 

This is the 2nd Version of the Bunny Cuteness Theme
The only major difference is the icons.

 9 Beautiful Wallpapers
Plenty of icons available + icon masks!
Folders Themed, Menu's Themed & much more!

Freebie Lockscreen Wall & Widget Locker Sliders


Daily Reminder

Here's a uccw requested by one of my lovely customers! She loves it, I love it and so I decided to make it a free for all! Enjoy this daily reminder!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monkey Business!

 This is not a stand-alone app! Must have Go Launcher EX (free app in Google Play store)to use!
This theme has 9 beautiful wallpapers
Plenty of icons to choose from + icon masks!
App Drawer themed
Folders themed
Menu's themed and more! 
Hope you'll all love it! 

Monkey Business Lockscreen wallpaper & Widget Locker Slider icons

*see Tutorials on how to use*
Enjoy & Thank you!!!